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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home sweet home!

Liam 2 days old
I am home! Wow, what a wonderful 4 weeks! It is so good to be home, sure am missing my little Liam though ;)
Came home to a jungle of a yard! The hubby snapped this picture in the courtyard of a hummingbird taking a little rest!
The grape vine in the courtyard is taking over the fireplace!
Flowers and vines are blooming everywhere!
Grape vine, wisteria vine and I think some virginia creeper all on one fence... I need to pull some of it up, it is just too much!

The hydrangias are blooming, the flowers are so heavy it is drooping over the walkway...

The kitchen courtyard is out of control as well!
Sweat Peas

More hydrangeas
Not sure what these are, but the hummingbirds love them and they are all around the house!

The wisteria is taking over the front walkway into the house!
Not sure what these are either, but I love them!

The area around the main pond is being taken over by wild raspberries/strawberries.
Okay enough complaining, guess I better go get some work done! It's good to be home!
Liam 3 days old

One more picture of Liam before I go! 
Thanks for visiting today! Have an awesome day!

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