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Monday, April 30, 2012

 A walk through the yard on Sunday...

 Our fisrt crop of asparagus =)

 Wish I enjoyed rhubarb =/
 The pile of dirt I moved to clear out the area for the fountain, the previous owners had more dirt than the space needed.
 Mmm, perfect to go with our meatloaf for dinner.
 The renovation on the guest bath is coming along, slowly. The hubby and I decided to try to do as much of the work ourselves as we could to save a little money.
Unfortunately, the money we saved will now go towards a new tub. The old one that we planned to reuse, was glued to the floor, even if the contractor had done the demo we would have had to buy a new tub. Luckily, the hubby and I have picked out the new tub. Our contractor is out of town, he doesn't know about the change in plans. Of course, not only does it change the tub, it changes the shower, the floor and the window. So we will be sitting down tonight to figure out it we have enough of our special order basket weave honed marble tile to make it all work with the new tub.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

 This is a really random post! We have had alot going on the last week.
It is morel mushroom season! Yay! My hubby loves these mushrooms. I saw an ad on Craigslist advertising morels so the hubby called and bought 2 pounds. We ate them with our dinner last week of Prime Rib. Yummy good!
 We made an unscheduled trip to Nevada to take care of some "issues" with one of our sons. Liam and his mommy were visiting his Grandpa and uncle so I had the chance to have lunch with them before they headed back to Reno.
 Then I begged and pleaded talked the hubby into stopping in Reno for a couple nights before heading for home.

 We were lucky enough to get to spend all day with Liam while his mommy and daddy were at work. =)
 He loves having his picture taken, but boy he doesn't hold very still!
 He had just woken up from a little nap, so Papa and I snapped a few pictures while he was feeling snuggley.
 I am so glad I got this "extra" little visit with him.
 He is growing so fast! Next time I visit, I am sure he will be walking!
 After we arrived home the weather was pretty warm and calm, so I worked outside in the yard, it felt good after 12 hours in the car on Thursday and another 3 on Friday coming home. I had my eye on this fountain from Lowes and knew it would be perfect near the entry into our home.
 I love this little herb garden near our kitchen.
 The wisteria is beginning to leaf out! Cannot wait for it to be in full bloom!
 I found a new arbor for the entrance, I have a yellow climbing rose that will eventually climb all over it.
 The color of the arbor matched the new fountain perfect. The other arbor has already found a new home in another area of the yard.
 Next I will be digging up some of the plants on this side and planting them around the fountain area.
It should be one of my favorite parts of the yard, when I get done! ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marble please!

This is where it all began! I knew I wanted marble counter tops. I was told a bunch of negative things about marble... so I looked to my friends for answers! The blog world! I found some of my already favorite blogs had used marble and loved it! I had pinned this gorgeous bathroom and totally wanted that basket weave floor!  Here is a link to her kitchen too! GAH!!!! LOVE!!!!
I found this lovely bathroom here. I am so glad she had a link to a wonderful place for tile. I loved the floor tile she used, but had my heart set on a basket weave... which I found on the same site she directed readers to for her flooring! 
I read this post regarding not only the marble counter tops, (shh don't tell, but my kitchen is next on the remodel list and I love the marble she used) but the cabinets she used... must have!  Totally love this kitchen and those cabinets, which gave me a jumping spot for my bathroom cabinets. 

While at Lowes one afternoon I came across this display of glass penny rounds and white subway tile.
I snapped a picture and sent it to the hubs, he agreed, must do!

I have a LOVE for beadboard, we installed some in the laundry room here and I had visions of having some in the guest bathroom too. I wanted it on the walls and the ceiling, but the hubby didn't agree with the ceiling, so I settled for the walls.

So with the hubby's blessing, honed carerra marble counter tops, marble basketweave floors, white cabinets, white beadboard,  glass penny rounds and white subway tile on the brain... we invited our contractor to dinner =)

Current blooms in the yard and remodeling begins

 I promised my mom a little walk through the yard a couple weeks ago. So here we go! Just a few things blooming currently, but lots of foliage popping up everywhere!

 The clematis is a new one for this year.

 The red rhododendrons are the first to bloom in my yard.

 I made a few treats for the birds a few weeks ago. I used the recipe here.

 This year is a much better year for the rhododendrons in my yard, last year I had quite a few that didn't bloom.
 Loving this pale peach colored one!
 I will take you for another walk around the yard in a couple weeks... the wisteria is just beginning the leaf out!
 The hubby and I have been working towards a major remodel =)
 After weeks of trying to decide what we wanted, and blowing extending our budget...
 I think we finally have all our wants and wishes within budget. (fingers crossed)
Our contractor was going to demo it for us, but we needed to save some money, so we are going to demo as much of it as we can. Wish us luck, we need it! Ha!
My next post I will tell you more about the guest bath remodel! Have a fun evening!