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Sunday, April 29, 2012

 This is a really random post! We have had alot going on the last week.
It is morel mushroom season! Yay! My hubby loves these mushrooms. I saw an ad on Craigslist advertising morels so the hubby called and bought 2 pounds. We ate them with our dinner last week of Prime Rib. Yummy good!
 We made an unscheduled trip to Nevada to take care of some "issues" with one of our sons. Liam and his mommy were visiting his Grandpa and uncle so I had the chance to have lunch with them before they headed back to Reno.
 Then I begged and pleaded talked the hubby into stopping in Reno for a couple nights before heading for home.

 We were lucky enough to get to spend all day with Liam while his mommy and daddy were at work. =)
 He loves having his picture taken, but boy he doesn't hold very still!
 He had just woken up from a little nap, so Papa and I snapped a few pictures while he was feeling snuggley.
 I am so glad I got this "extra" little visit with him.
 He is growing so fast! Next time I visit, I am sure he will be walking!
 After we arrived home the weather was pretty warm and calm, so I worked outside in the yard, it felt good after 12 hours in the car on Thursday and another 3 on Friday coming home. I had my eye on this fountain from Lowes and knew it would be perfect near the entry into our home.
 I love this little herb garden near our kitchen.
 The wisteria is beginning to leaf out! Cannot wait for it to be in full bloom!
 I found a new arbor for the entrance, I have a yellow climbing rose that will eventually climb all over it.
 The color of the arbor matched the new fountain perfect. The other arbor has already found a new home in another area of the yard.
 Next I will be digging up some of the plants on this side and planting them around the fountain area.
It should be one of my favorite parts of the yard, when I get done! ;)

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  1. So glad you got to spend time with your little sweetie! He is adorable!
    I love your beautiful new fountain! It is going to look so pretty with flowers and plants all around it.
    I am loving getting to work out in the yard in the sun. It feels so good after winter.


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