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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 Spring is close right? We woke up to snow this morning, ugh! But we are expecting to get to 50 degrees today so it should melt pretty fast.
 I am working on the Craigslist buffet I picked up to go into my entry way. Welcome to my seldom used front door.
 As you can see the sofa table I have in the location for the buffet is way too small!
 I had considered while cleaning the buffet up of trying to use it as it was like I did the cabinet.
 Unfortunately, it is in pretty rough shape. I cannot wait to get it done and in the space. It has so much room for storing bits and pieces!
 I had planned to paint it a soft green color, but I don't think it will work with the wall color. I am not quite ready to deal with the walls yet. I have a quart of ASCP Old White that I will use instead.
 The laminate top was pretty warped so the hubby convinced me to scrap it off to bare wood.
 The little detailing at the bottom has come off, but I am hoping that once painted up it won't be as noticeable.
 I found cup hooks under both sides of the large cupboards. I am going to use this piece as a bar so I left them for now.
 The laminate is peeling on one side and not the other, I haven't decided if I will peel both sides off or not. What would you do?
Here we go!
Have a great day!
 While at Lowes a few days ago I picked up a couple glass tiles, I loved the colors of them and thought I could incorporate one or both into my ideas for the guest bath.
 As I walked around Lowes, for 2 hours, I ended up finding some tile I liked even better. I decided to bring the samples home with me anyway and turn them into coasters for my bedroom. I needed a pretty coaster anyway. I just added some felt circles I already had on hand to the bottom.
 I love them!
 I also picked up a few paint samples... I am getting ready to paint the garden guest bedroom. I really love the Morning Chill color, the hubby, not so much. The Neon Mint color makes the room look like a mint sherbet room. So guess I will be going back for another sample. In the mean time I will show you my St. Patrick's Day/Easter mantel.

Stay warm today! We woke up to snow, so I am staying home and heading out to the craft room to prepare for another craft class with my friends!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

 My walk on the beach was just what I needed =)
 I had fun picking up some drift wood and rocks for a couple projects.
 I am as finished as I am going to get on the laundry room project. The closet is cleaned out and organized.
 The sideboard is "styled".
 And completely FULL of tablecloths, placemats, dish towels and dish cloths.
 I am on the lookout for a few things to hang above the sideboard, but that will come as I find them.
 The cupboard on the right is completely EMPTY! GASP! Not for long, I am in the process of slowly reorganizing and cleaning out the kitchen for the BIG renovation.
 Before renovating the kitchen we are doing the guest bathroom, at that time I will have them also put a new countertop, sink and faucet in here. While it looks good in the pic, in real life its a hot mess I tell ya! The counter top is peel and stick squares I put down when we first moved in. The sink is horribly stained with paint from the previous owner.
 I am in LOVE with the floor! I cannot even believe I did it myself! Even the hubby was pretty impressed with how it came out. He would never had agreed to do it, which is why I didn't tell him. Sometimes it's better that way ;)
I have to do a little Mimi bragging! Liam age 7 1/2 months. I will be visiting him in a few weeks and can't wait!

Have an amazing funfilled day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

 I promised my hubby I would not start another project until I finished all a few of my other projects! Ha! I am trying, really I am!
So here we go, the Craigslist cabinet is done! Decided not to paint this piece, it was just too pretty the way it was. Just needed to be cleaned up. LOVE!
 Added a few pretties around the sides, a few pieces of the laminate on the bottom is missing, but I hardly think it is noticeable.
 Well, maybe a little? Maybe I will try staining them. But I am still calling it Done!
 I had to style it all up! I still have some tweeking to do, but it's looking pretty good.

 I had taken the pictures above to write a blog post, but didn't get it published before I went to one of my favorite stores and picked up a few goodies... the burlap sack (it is lined with a plastic material so it is perfect for holding this plant)
 also the nest picture, mounted on burlap.
 Still on the lookout for a few more pictures, but so far I am loving it!
 The master bathroom is slowly coming along, finished the mirror. I am soo much happier with it white instead of the gold.
The cabinets are done =) just waiting on faucets still, may try to spray paint the gold ones today. I have seen a couple blog posts where it was successful.
 I went to the Dollar Tree and found some shamrocks to add to my wreath. (I just want to know, am I the only one who walks out of Dollar Tree spending over $50.00 each time? Ugh! How does that happen?)
 I have two samples to try on my large Craigslist buffet... hoping to get that started today. Maybe I will be able to park my car in the garage by this time next week? Well, I won't hold my breathe!
 I am working on a few driftwood sailboats, hoping to have them done by lunch time ;) all the "stuff" has been sitting on my kitchen island for two days!
The laundry room floor is done, the powder room is still waiting for the hubs to remove the toilet, probably Sunday. So, the plan today? Finish the sailboats, finish organizing and putting away in the laundry room, and a walk on the beach!
And maybe a trip to Lowes for some paint samples for the Garden guest bedroom. Ssh don't tell ;)

Have a creatively crafty day!