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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have gotten as close to done as I can for a few days in the guest bath and didn't want to prolong the "reveal" any longer. The hubby is crazy busy the next few days and I have a few things I need him to help me with... otherwise, it's done!
So here we go! Lots and lots of pictures, which of course don't do it justice!

 The hubby spray painted the toilet lever oil rubbed bronze since I wasn't able to find one locally.
 While he was at it he spay painted the hinges on the door too =). (When we moved into the house 18 months ago we changed out all the door hardware throughout the entire house to oil rubbed bronze.)

 I'm not sure if the chair will stay, I am liking it for now though. A couple shelves and some hooks still need to be installed on this wall.

Oops! See the box in the lower left corner? New toilet seat waiting to be installed.

 The marble floor is so smooth to walk on, I love it! Wishing I could put it in the master too ;)

 I reused the mirror I had, just spray painted it for now until I can find a larger one.
 This was the inspiration for the bathroom... I think I did pretty well. I wanted the colors of sea glass and a marble counter and floor.
 The hubby needs to install the drawer knobs, I have 2 different sets! I couldn't decide which ones I liked better!

 So pretty! Love, love love it!
 Not so pretty, ha! A few things to put away and hang, but it will get there.
 A couple more shots of the floor.
So happy its done! I will put together a post with the information on everything soon!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The hubby and I spent some time yesterday picking pie cherries =)
They were just perfect! 
The little farm that we picked at was perfect too! We came home with about 10 pounds!
 I considered purchasing a cherry pitter, but found it pretty easy to just pit them with a small knife.
 It went pretty quickly. I was glad to not have too many wasted cherries too.
I had purchased a cute little pie mold a few weeks ago and thought this would be the perfect time to try it out! It's just the hubby and I, so we really do not need a whole large size pie. 
 The mold was very easy to use.
 And made the cutes little pies!
 I also made a couple small pies in ramekins.
 Baked for 30 minutes and they turned out perfectly browned and smelling sooo good!
 The mini pies did too!
 I wanted to compare them, so the hubby had a mini pie, with vanilla bean ice cream of course!
 I had the one baked in a ramekin.
 It tasted as good as this looks! Trust me! It was the perfect amount!
 The hubby said his was perfect too! I am so glad we have enough frozen cherries for another 4 large pies! Or lots of small ones ;)

Look at this amazing barn that was at the farm, eek! I love barns!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finding inspiration for the Garden guest bedroom has been a little difficult. I really wanted to go with a lavender/lilac color. I call the room the Garden guest bedroom because it has french doors that open to the garden/hottub/fireplace/patio. I decided to take a walk through the yard for some inspiration =)
 These hydrangeas are gorgeous and one of my favorite flowers! I already painted the other guest bedroom blue and the guest bathroom is a seaglass blue, so I don't really want another blue room. Love the hint of lilac/lavender.
 Not sure what these are, but I like the purple/pinky color.
 Delphiniums are new to my yard this year, love their color too, the pale purple and the medium purple.
 I love the pale purple color of these flowers on this hosta... but I love the colors on the leaves even more.
 I love the colors of this grass too!
 Love the color of this plant too, I think it is called Jacob's coat? Or something similar?
 This Hydrangea is a pale yellow with hints of pink. The pink is out of the question for the bedroom for sure, but the yellow is a good contender.

 I am not sure what this plant is, but I love the yellow and green colors.
So we have pale lilac, pale green, yellow and a medium green... hmm, I know the trim will be white, and the ceiling will be white (currently is is the same color as the walls, ugh! Not a fan of painting ceilings but it's got to be done). The hubby is still not liking the idea of the lilac room. So I think I'll go with... 
You'll see soon!

Friday, July 20, 2012

 The hubby and I have gotten to do some traveling in our little airplane the last 4 weeks.
 We had the chance to fly to Southern Colorado, for a family reunion.
 As you can see, I spend most of my time taking pictures from the air =)
 It calms my nerves.
 My mom lives in Pagosa Springs Colorado, where we all convened for a fun long weekend together.
 Liam received his first haircut from me while we were there.

Our reunions are pretty small, so we try to get a group photo while we are all together. My nephew Cooper took these! He did an awesome job!
 We also celebrated Liams 1st Birthday! My stepdad has a small train and tracks that go around their yard, so he took all the kids for rides!
 Leaving Pagosa Springs the air was full of smoke from several wild fires.
 Somewhere near Moab Utah
 Getting close to home.
 It was a fun 10 days, but glad to be home.
 Koko still doesn't really like to fly much. Ha!
 We were home for a few days then headed to Reno for a few days for Liams official 1st Birthday party!
 Mimi and papa bought him a sand box! I think he likes it =)
 Genna did an awesome job preparing for the party! She even made Liams cake (the block) and cupcakes!
 Liam ate his cake so delicately it was adorable.
Uncle Adam came too!
Then we headed for home sweet home =)