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Friday, July 20, 2012

 The hubby and I have gotten to do some traveling in our little airplane the last 4 weeks.
 We had the chance to fly to Southern Colorado, for a family reunion.
 As you can see, I spend most of my time taking pictures from the air =)
 It calms my nerves.
 My mom lives in Pagosa Springs Colorado, where we all convened for a fun long weekend together.
 Liam received his first haircut from me while we were there.

Our reunions are pretty small, so we try to get a group photo while we are all together. My nephew Cooper took these! He did an awesome job!
 We also celebrated Liams 1st Birthday! My stepdad has a small train and tracks that go around their yard, so he took all the kids for rides!
 Leaving Pagosa Springs the air was full of smoke from several wild fires.
 Somewhere near Moab Utah
 Getting close to home.
 It was a fun 10 days, but glad to be home.
 Koko still doesn't really like to fly much. Ha!
 We were home for a few days then headed to Reno for a few days for Liams official 1st Birthday party!
 Mimi and papa bought him a sand box! I think he likes it =)
 Genna did an awesome job preparing for the party! She even made Liams cake (the block) and cupcakes!
 Liam ate his cake so delicately it was adorable.
Uncle Adam came too!
Then we headed for home sweet home =)

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