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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have gotten as close to done as I can for a few days in the guest bath and didn't want to prolong the "reveal" any longer. The hubby is crazy busy the next few days and I have a few things I need him to help me with... otherwise, it's done!
So here we go! Lots and lots of pictures, which of course don't do it justice!

 The hubby spray painted the toilet lever oil rubbed bronze since I wasn't able to find one locally.
 While he was at it he spay painted the hinges on the door too =). (When we moved into the house 18 months ago we changed out all the door hardware throughout the entire house to oil rubbed bronze.)

 I'm not sure if the chair will stay, I am liking it for now though. A couple shelves and some hooks still need to be installed on this wall.

Oops! See the box in the lower left corner? New toilet seat waiting to be installed.

 The marble floor is so smooth to walk on, I love it! Wishing I could put it in the master too ;)

 I reused the mirror I had, just spray painted it for now until I can find a larger one.
 This was the inspiration for the bathroom... I think I did pretty well. I wanted the colors of sea glass and a marble counter and floor.
 The hubby needs to install the drawer knobs, I have 2 different sets! I couldn't decide which ones I liked better!

 So pretty! Love, love love it!
 Not so pretty, ha! A few things to put away and hang, but it will get there.
 A couple more shots of the floor.
So happy its done! I will put together a post with the information on everything soon!


  1. Goooorgeous!!! I love it! BTW: I vote for the blue knobs. :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I like the blue ones too ;) I just need to convince the hubby it's the right choice =)


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