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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Mantel 2012 #2!

 This is my second post for today, continue to scroll down for the first one!
I finished my Valentine mantel in the craft cottage! I kept it pretty simple. I had purchased the twig heart on a recent craft trip and wanted to dress it up a bit. I added some felt flowers with button centers. Lots of tutorials in blogland... I didn't follow one in particular, just pulled out my glue gun and cut the felt that was already out.
 I made the heart garland in about 10 minutes! So easy... again quite a few tutorials out there... just grabbed my mini stapler and some strips of red and white paper. I would have liked to make these out of felt, maybe next year!

 This frame had the glass break... I added some $.99 letters from Target right onto the pressed board backing, then added a glittered heart.
Considering it will be changing again in a couple weeks, I am going to call it done!

Linking to this linky party!
Tomorrow I am taking you for a walk through the yard, the birds are chirping the frogs are croaking! Spring must be close!

Valentine Mantel 2012

 I am participating in a Valentine Mantel link party here. Check it out for more inspiration!
I am lucky enough to have two mantels to decorate in this house, but only one of them is done! Sorry for the glare, the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky!
 I put some branches in a galvanized container and hung some red and pink heart ornaments I found at JoAnn.
 The little bird came from JoAnn as well. You can find the directions for my Heart artwork here, my sister sent me the love birds frame last year for my Birthday (I just used a chalk pen to write on it). I filled my apothecary jars with some conversation hearts and some shiny shred.

I created the felt ruffled heart using these instructions.
The chalkboard was a cupboard I purchased from ReStore for $3.00. I painted, distressed and applied chalk board paint.
I'm off to go try to finish the second mantel! Have a funfilled creative day!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bliss~ One little word 2012

 As I mentioned in an earlier post, my one little word for 2012 is Bliss. You can see other ideas for a word here.
 I have done this for several years. Complete in 2009, Balance in 2010, Content (and Give) in 2011. I have found for me it is best to have something in writing about my word to help me throughout the year. To keep me inspired by my word I created the decoration above.
 You may think that Bliss is an odd word for someone to use as inspiration but the definition of bliss is as follows (according to Wikipedia): Bliss can be a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss. 
 I have found that my word usually finds me... does that happen to you? As much as I tried to fight using the word Bliss, it just kept popping into my head whenever I would think about my word of the year. Last year 2011, I was going to use the word Give, and changed it at the last minute to Content... All year long, Give is still the word that inspired me. So this year, I am going with what is in my head.
Have you tried having a word to inspire you for the year? I'd love to hear!
We are snowed in and staying warm today! Turkey breast in the crockpot, catching up on emails and blogging after a few days of sunshine in San Diego!
Thanks for stopping in today!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Valentine Artwork, thoughts this Saturday morning...

 I created a couple Valentine frames like the Fall one I did here.
I also posted a tutorial of how I did it here on my other blog.
 We woke up to our first snow of the winter and 2012.
 I am hoping it doesn't stick around for too long!
I am still working on redecorating the house since all the Christmas has been put away. What have you been up to?

Monday, January 9, 2012

A vintage shopping trip...

A couple days before leaving for our Christmas holiday I had to head down to the next town for an oil change on my vehicle. Since I had to be down that way anyway I planned to make the most of the trip and do a little shopping. Don't get me wrong, we have amazing shops here close to where I live, but we are very close to Canada... so the shops get very crowded very fast! Not the case just 20 minutes down the road!
After the 40 minute wait for my car, they are so fast! Love them! I headed to one of my favorite antique stores. I picked up the vintage framed picture and finally scored a vintage floral frog! (the tags were included so cute)
This piece was in the exact same spot the little table and chair set I purchased my last trip to the same store! You can see them here. I didn't decide to purchase it right away, although the price was a steal and the color and size were perfect, the style wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I walked through the store a second time and decided I could use the piece in another area... my craft cottage! So I bought it for $60.00! Just after I told the proprietor I wanted the piece so she could clear it off, a second person inquired about it!
I couldn't resist these vintage star shaped jello molds I think I like to do some kind of crafting to them before next year and add them to my Christmas tree in the kitchen.
For now the peice is in my dining area, it's a little cluttered in there right now, but I am still trying to finish putting away the Christmas decor! I know I know, I've been working on it for almost a week. But I decided this is the year I am going to not just shove it all back in the boxes till next year. This year it is all getting put away ORGANIZED! Yay! I should finish it up today, then I can start some fun stuff! 
Speaking of fun stuff, I am so torn as what to do first! 
1. paint and organize garage
2. paint that fabulous antique furniture I found on Craigslist
3. get crafty in my craft cottage, I need thank you cards, some valentine goodies, I need to plan a Valentine craft class for my friends
4. get out in the yard and pull some weeds and cut some vines
5. start the kitchen reno
6. start the guest bathroom reno
7. paint the walls and ceiling of the craft cottage 
8. paint an organize the 3rd garage
What would you do first? By the way the garages are both heated and so is the cottage so outside temps are not to much of a problem and the outside temps have been in the high 40's low, 50's anyway. 
Well, I guess I will have to decide tomorrow!
Have a wonderfully lovely day!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My word for 2012

Do you have a word yet? I have been thinking about my word for over a month now! But, before I tell you my word for this year... I didn't talk too much about my word for 2011. GIVE. Edited: Oops! Guess it was actually Content after reading last years post! I shouldn't have changed it at the last minute. Give is the word that kept speaking to me... I won't make that mistake again!)
It's one of those words you don't need to "talk" about, you just do it. The word GIVE inspired me all 2011. I gave to many organizations that are close to my heart and will continue to give my support and donations in the years ahead. I am so pleased I chose GIVE last year. In years past I have also chosen BALANCE (2010) and COMPLETE (2009). If you haven't done this before I encourage you to do it this year! You would be surprised how often that one little word can pop into your head, and encourage or inspire you for a whole year!
I usually frame my word to help me to keep inspired... that post will be coming soon. My word for 2012?        BLISS
Have a wonderful evening!
 We are finally home! We had a wonderful journey up highway 101 along the Northern California, Oregon coast line! It was one of my Christmas gifts *smile* I have always wanted to drive up the coast, taking our time to stop to see and do whatever we wished.
 We drove through a tree in Redwood National Forest.
 We walked on many, many beaches!
 Watched the waves!
 Took in every breathtaking sight we could!
 Stayed at beachfront hotels.
 Ate wonderful meals at local favorite spots.
 Watched the sunset.
 Stopped at quite a few antique shops. Came home with just the right amount of treasures.
Stopped at two different Flight/Air Museums for the hubby. It was amazing! The best part? Getting to spend two whole weeks with my hubby! 
Our last stop was Poulsbo Washington, which is an adorable town. While we were waiting for the antique stores to open I decided to check Craigslist. I am in search of a few pieces of furniture for my home, so I thought I would see what was listed! Oops! 
I logged on and immediately spotted a post for Antique furniture $90.00!
The furniture looked a little rough, but I intended to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint anyway, so I decided to send an email of interest.
I let them know that I was currently out of town, but was interested in all 4 pieces. (An option was given to by a piece for $25.00 each)
We went about our day, antiquing, met a friend for lunch and took the ferry ride headed for home.
Shortly after getting home I received an email saying if I wanted to look at the furniture that night I was first in line! Woohoo! So, we barely had the car unloaded from our trip and we headed to look at the furniture. Which as you can see, I bought! The hubby and I are going to work on them together *grin*. The only piece I am not sure I can use is the table... so I am thinking of painting it and giving it to a friend. 
Now if I could just focus on getting the Christmas decor put away and all the pine needles vacuumed up so we can start on them!
Have a lovely evening!