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Friday, January 6, 2012

 We are finally home! We had a wonderful journey up highway 101 along the Northern California, Oregon coast line! It was one of my Christmas gifts *smile* I have always wanted to drive up the coast, taking our time to stop to see and do whatever we wished.
 We drove through a tree in Redwood National Forest.
 We walked on many, many beaches!
 Watched the waves!
 Took in every breathtaking sight we could!
 Stayed at beachfront hotels.
 Ate wonderful meals at local favorite spots.
 Watched the sunset.
 Stopped at quite a few antique shops. Came home with just the right amount of treasures.
Stopped at two different Flight/Air Museums for the hubby. It was amazing! The best part? Getting to spend two whole weeks with my hubby! 
Our last stop was Poulsbo Washington, which is an adorable town. While we were waiting for the antique stores to open I decided to check Craigslist. I am in search of a few pieces of furniture for my home, so I thought I would see what was listed! Oops! 
I logged on and immediately spotted a post for Antique furniture $90.00!
The furniture looked a little rough, but I intended to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint anyway, so I decided to send an email of interest.
I let them know that I was currently out of town, but was interested in all 4 pieces. (An option was given to by a piece for $25.00 each)
We went about our day, antiquing, met a friend for lunch and took the ferry ride headed for home.
Shortly after getting home I received an email saying if I wanted to look at the furniture that night I was first in line! Woohoo! So, we barely had the car unloaded from our trip and we headed to look at the furniture. Which as you can see, I bought! The hubby and I are going to work on them together *grin*. The only piece I am not sure I can use is the table... so I am thinking of painting it and giving it to a friend. 
Now if I could just focus on getting the Christmas decor put away and all the pine needles vacuumed up so we can start on them!
Have a lovely evening!

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