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Monday, January 9, 2012

A vintage shopping trip...

A couple days before leaving for our Christmas holiday I had to head down to the next town for an oil change on my vehicle. Since I had to be down that way anyway I planned to make the most of the trip and do a little shopping. Don't get me wrong, we have amazing shops here close to where I live, but we are very close to Canada... so the shops get very crowded very fast! Not the case just 20 minutes down the road!
After the 40 minute wait for my car, they are so fast! Love them! I headed to one of my favorite antique stores. I picked up the vintage framed picture and finally scored a vintage floral frog! (the tags were included so cute)
This piece was in the exact same spot the little table and chair set I purchased my last trip to the same store! You can see them here. I didn't decide to purchase it right away, although the price was a steal and the color and size were perfect, the style wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I walked through the store a second time and decided I could use the piece in another area... my craft cottage! So I bought it for $60.00! Just after I told the proprietor I wanted the piece so she could clear it off, a second person inquired about it!
I couldn't resist these vintage star shaped jello molds I think I like to do some kind of crafting to them before next year and add them to my Christmas tree in the kitchen.
For now the peice is in my dining area, it's a little cluttered in there right now, but I am still trying to finish putting away the Christmas decor! I know I know, I've been working on it for almost a week. But I decided this is the year I am going to not just shove it all back in the boxes till next year. This year it is all getting put away ORGANIZED! Yay! I should finish it up today, then I can start some fun stuff! 
Speaking of fun stuff, I am so torn as what to do first! 
1. paint and organize garage
2. paint that fabulous antique furniture I found on Craigslist
3. get crafty in my craft cottage, I need thank you cards, some valentine goodies, I need to plan a Valentine craft class for my friends
4. get out in the yard and pull some weeds and cut some vines
5. start the kitchen reno
6. start the guest bathroom reno
7. paint the walls and ceiling of the craft cottage 
8. paint an organize the 3rd garage
What would you do first? By the way the garages are both heated and so is the cottage so outside temps are not to much of a problem and the outside temps have been in the high 40's low, 50's anyway. 
Well, I guess I will have to decide tomorrow!
Have a wonderfully lovely day!

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