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Thursday, May 31, 2012

 I feel like we just keep digging things up and getting no where! Ha! I did manage to reuse a few of the plants from the back yard in my new little fountain area near the kitchen.
 We did finish this wall near the back yard. I felt bad, I couldn't lift these heavy wall bricks, so the hubby placed them all into place.
 The hill is gone from the patio area leaving us with this large open space. I am considering grass on the right side, a path down the middle and extending the patio pavers on the left.
 I am going to love fitting a large dining table back here.
 While we have the tractor we are considering moving more of this dirt away from the house... then replacing the pathway.
 The garden area is coming along...
 We've got 3 sides of the fence up! Yay!
 The tile is coming along too!

Today... a day of rain and fog... which means a lazy day in the house! My favorite kind of day =)
 We took a little time over the long weekend to take a couple little flights. Friday morning we flew to Port Townsend for breakfast.
 It was a gorgeous morning, the start of a beautiful day!
 We made great time with the tail wind! We usually average about 104, as you can see we were going 140!
We tore up the back yard the rest of the day. Saturday the hubby had to fly all day for work so I cleaned house... ugh! Well, you gotta do it sometimes I guess. When the hubby was done he surprised me with dinner in Friday Harbor! So off we went, with three other couples and 2 other planes!
 Again a gorgeous flight!
 And the water... gah! LOVE!
 Friday Harbor is such an adorable little town, the ferry comes in frequently.
 Lots of fun little shops, it is a short walk into town from the airport which is nice after a big dinner and a trip to the ice cream parlor for dessert =)
 Unfortunately sunset was blocked by clouds... but the color on Mt. Baker was a pretty pink.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

 The purple wisteria in in full bloom! The smell is amazing!
 It just droops off the roof like icicles!
 This is only our second spring of living in this home, but this year is even better than last! Guess the hubby does know what he's doing when he cleaned so much of the wisteria out last fall.
 The guest bathroom remodel is moving along, slowly! Our tile man has finally arrived. He arrived Monday and worked, but couldn't come on Tuesday (he took his citizenship test in Seattle and passed! Congrats Victor!)
 I got impatient, bought some gorgeous flowers at Trader Joes.
 The lilacs bloomed! My favorite flower! The hubbys too!
 I love seeing a huge bouquet of flowers in the living room =)
 Wednesday Victor returned to do more prep work  in the guest bath...
 Thursday afternoon he began laying out tile!
 Love, love, love!
Friday and Saturday he is finishing a job on one of the islands, but will be here Monday!
The tub is finally here!!! The last piece of this remodel!

Friday, May 25, 2012

 While cleaning up the front deck a few weeks ago I left the front door, kitchen door and back doors open to let the glorious spring air in! I also let in a little lost hummingbird!  Ack! I quickly googled how to get a hummingbird out of your house.
I closed all the doors to other rooms, hung a blanket up between the kitchen and living room left the front door open and a couple windows then the hubby and I left for a few hours. When we came home he was gone! Yay!
 We've been working in the garden the last week. (Until the rain came last Sunday.)
 Rented a rototiller for a few hours...
 Removed the garden boxes...
 Made plans to build a new fence...
 Tore down the old fence...
 Laid back out the garden boxes and made plans to add a couple more...
Bought new fence posts...
And new picket fencing! Hoping to finish this project next week and get the garden planted.