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Saturday, May 26, 2012

 The purple wisteria in in full bloom! The smell is amazing!
 It just droops off the roof like icicles!
 This is only our second spring of living in this home, but this year is even better than last! Guess the hubby does know what he's doing when he cleaned so much of the wisteria out last fall.
 The guest bathroom remodel is moving along, slowly! Our tile man has finally arrived. He arrived Monday and worked, but couldn't come on Tuesday (he took his citizenship test in Seattle and passed! Congrats Victor!)
 I got impatient, bought some gorgeous flowers at Trader Joes.
 The lilacs bloomed! My favorite flower! The hubbys too!
 I love seeing a huge bouquet of flowers in the living room =)
 Wednesday Victor returned to do more prep work  in the guest bath...
 Thursday afternoon he began laying out tile!
 Love, love, love!
Friday and Saturday he is finishing a job on one of the islands, but will be here Monday!
The tub is finally here!!! The last piece of this remodel!

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