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Friday, May 25, 2012

 The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been unbelievably sunny the last few weeks. For Mothers Day the hubby and I worked in the yard a bit.
 After a lovely dinner on the front deck...
 we retreated to the back yard fireplace for some s'mores and bird watching!
 While sitting watching the birds and eating marshmallows, Graham crackers and chocolate
 the hubby began talking about extending the patio, redoing the paths, and removing more of the over populated vines.
 On the back fence alone there are (were) 4 grapes, 3 virginia creeper and a wisteria. While I LOVE the wisteria it had to go. We have purple wisteria on the front of the house and a lower arbor with white wisteria.
 The next thing I knew the wisteria was outta there!
 (See that small mound of overgrown plants and bushes on the left side of the fireplace above?)
 (Notice the gorgeous tree to the left of the picture above? The empty spot in front of the large rock, behind the old bird bath was once a pond that we tore out a few weeks ago.)
I agreed with all the hubbys fabulous ideas for the changes to the back patio (except maybe removing a tree, I love that tree!) But reminded him we needed to get the garden done first... and clean out the large pond by the driveway, and paint the deck and well, you get the idea, lots of other projects first. (What?!? You don't sit out in your back yard in your pajamas? Ha!)
Does your husband listen well too? Gah!
 The tree is gone =(
 The mound of plants are gone... I did dig a few up to repurpose elsewhere. Not to worry though, I have more of everything on our property!
 He reassured me he must make a huge mess before it gets better!
 Can't wait for the new extended patio with a large arbor! Soon it will be time to move a few grape vines! ;)

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