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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 Demo on the guest bath is continuing, we have removed the cabinet (we tried to save it to donate to our local ReStore, but it sustained some damage).
 We found the original linoleum underneath...
 Also found the heating vent CLOSED! Now we know why that bathroom was always so cold! I think we will still be going with some in-floor heat, but why would someone not remember to open the vent before installing a cabinet?!
 I am NOT enjoying the mess this project is making everywhere! My hubby just grins and says "this was all your idea =) ) UGH! Sad thing is, he's right.
 We rented a small jack hammer to finish removing the floor tiles, but this will all need to go in the second load to the dump.
 This load is full.
I did salvage the linen cabinet, I will make a spot for it in the garage for food storage. 
This will be our new tub, but in oil rubbed bronze! Cannot wait to get the good stuff in there! I am still waiting on the basket weave tile to be delivered, (it is currently just south of us about 30 miles, so any day) and the tub should be here in 5-6 days! Our contractor should be back in town and the pretty stuff can start to happen. Thank goodness! I am really second guessing if I really want to have the kitchen done... ugh, I hate the mess, the disorganization, ALL the things that can go wrong! Hoping it is ALL worth it when it is done. =/

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