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Thursday, May 31, 2012

 We took a little time over the long weekend to take a couple little flights. Friday morning we flew to Port Townsend for breakfast.
 It was a gorgeous morning, the start of a beautiful day!
 We made great time with the tail wind! We usually average about 104, as you can see we were going 140!
We tore up the back yard the rest of the day. Saturday the hubby had to fly all day for work so I cleaned house... ugh! Well, you gotta do it sometimes I guess. When the hubby was done he surprised me with dinner in Friday Harbor! So off we went, with three other couples and 2 other planes!
 Again a gorgeous flight!
 And the water... gah! LOVE!
 Friday Harbor is such an adorable little town, the ferry comes in frequently.
 Lots of fun little shops, it is a short walk into town from the airport which is nice after a big dinner and a trip to the ice cream parlor for dessert =)
 Unfortunately sunset was blocked by clouds... but the color on Mt. Baker was a pretty pink.

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