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Thursday, May 31, 2012

 I feel like we just keep digging things up and getting no where! Ha! I did manage to reuse a few of the plants from the back yard in my new little fountain area near the kitchen.
 We did finish this wall near the back yard. I felt bad, I couldn't lift these heavy wall bricks, so the hubby placed them all into place.
 The hill is gone from the patio area leaving us with this large open space. I am considering grass on the right side, a path down the middle and extending the patio pavers on the left.
 I am going to love fitting a large dining table back here.
 While we have the tractor we are considering moving more of this dirt away from the house... then replacing the pathway.
 The garden area is coming along...
 We've got 3 sides of the fence up! Yay!
 The tile is coming along too!

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