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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little peek at the craft cottage

My little craft cottage is sooo close to being organized! So here are a few little peeks! At first I just had some tissue paper pompoms hanging from the ceiling...
Then decided to add some banners from drop cloth, ribbon and twine. Helped to lighten the ceiling a little! Can't wait to get this room painted someday, it works for now.
 Found this welcome sign at TJ Maxx, had intended to use it on the door, but it was HUGE!
 I am loving this area! I will show a more detailed post at the end of the month!
 A few friends came over last night to create luminary bags for Relay for Life so I set up an extra table. These fold up wood chairs were left here by the previous owners of the house. I think I have eight! score! I am going to paint them when I return from seeing my first grandbaby =) I think I will paint them with Chalk Paint. Probably Old White.
 My little coffee/tea area.
 Have to have snacks and beverages! Some leftover paper plates and napkins from a bachelorette party from a few years ago.
Peony flowers from my yard.
This is the entrance to my little craft cottage. I have been painting all the doors outside the house and the trim around them to freshen things a bit while waiting to paint the house and deck later this summer. We had a great time last night crafting and snacking!
Thanks for stopping in today!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach treasures and paint!

 When I went to the Summer Retreat Vintage Market over the weekend I bought the large scrabble tiles!
 I had seen a preview of them on the blog, and knew I wanted some. I also purchased the "tray" they are sitting in =) It is an old piece of molding! SWOON!
 I had to really think long and hard about what I wanted my letters to spell out! I thought about LOVE, which could stay up all the time, or just for Valentines day. I thought about PEACE for Christmas. NEST was on the top of my list for a while... But ultimately BEACH won out! Although COTTAGE was a very close second.
 I was so excited to see Annie Sloan Chalk Paint being sold there as well! I had almost placed an online order a couple days before.
 I already knew the colors I wanted to try! Old White...
 and Provence! I love that I can mix the colors together to make my own custom color!
 It was great to be able to purchase a sheet with all the colors on it too! Unfortunately they were all out of the waxes... but they offered to e-mail me when they were back in stock =) If you haven't heard of this paint go here, and here! Amazingly cool stuff!
 A few of the treasures I picked up on Camano Island Beach while I was there. A couple large heart stones, drift wood which I have a project in mind for, a couple dried out crabs... (the piece of coral came from our recent trip to Hawaii)
I also added a starfish I had on hand!
Mt. Baker
Sunday morning we flew to one of our favorite breakfast spots!
Mt Rainier
 The morning was just sunny and smooth!
Whidby Island
 Perfect for flying =)
When we landed at Jefferson County Airport we were greeted with fields of wildflowers! =) We had a couple rough landings, but breakfast was delicious as always, we shared an outdoor table with another couple that offered since their was a wait for seating, and we made it home safe and sound! Perfect!
We had such a wonderful weekend! Hope you all did too! Have a great week!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Point Roberts

 After we returned from Camano Island we stopped at home long enough to switch to the hubbys vehicle. He keeps his flight stuff there. Then headed to the airport!
 This evenings trip? Point Roberts! (Go here to learn more about Point Roberts)
 Koko joined us again this trip and even wore her ear muffs! She is so smart, it didn't take long for her to figure out it wasn't as loud if she wore them!
 See that grass strip down there? Yep, another grass strip landing!
 No deer to scare off this time!
Just a little grass in the tailwheel! On the way back to Bellingham I flew for 10 minutes! Woohoo! The hubby was pretty happy =) only took how many years?!
Come back tomorrow and I will show you what I bought at the Summer Retreat Vintage Market! Hope you had a beautiful sunny day today! We did! I'll tell you what we did today too! Till tomorrow!

Vintage market and picnic on Camano Island.

 Yesterday, against my hubbys wishes we went on a road trip! (He would rather a flying trip, hehe!) I HAD to go here! Summer Retreat Vintage Market on Camano Island!!! I was SOOO excited to finally be attending another Vintage Market! I did not take my camera inside the gates, sorry you can go here to get a view preview pictures! Did I buy anything? Mayyybeee!
 After our little adventure to the market we headed to the beach.
 I packed us a vintage picnic to go with our roadtrip!
 I had found this little drink carrier a few months ago at TJ MAXX. One is lemonade from Trader Joes and the other is homemade suntea. Perfect for a vintage picnic right?
 I rolled up a couple IKEA dish towels to use as napkins... why did I only buy 3? I need at least another 3-4 at only $.49 each! Tied some twine around the napkins as a napkin ring. Love the new recycled paper plates that are kraft colored! Silverware came from an inexpensive set from TJ MAXX that I picked up a few months ago. I thought about using my old silver, but didn't want to worry about it getting left behind or thrown away.
 I used a quilt for us to dine on and some blue plastic goblets for our beverages! So fun to put together!
 It was a perfect day for the beach!

 While someone napped...
 I tried to read... but I had forgotten my reading glasses!
 Koko and I spent most of our time playing ball and exploring the treasures to be found on the beach =)

We planned on stopping at a few antique stores on the way home, but instead stopped for icecream cones for dinner! So far the day has been almost perfect! But it isn't over! I'll tell you about our evening in the next post! Thanks for stopping by!

Refurbished highchair

 I have been meaning to post the pictures of my refurbished highchair! I finished it a couple weeks ago and am so pleased with the results!
 I had boughten the highchair off craigslist for $30.00. Here is the before. I used two cans of black satin spray paint.
 It looks exactly like I imagined it! I hadn't planned on finding one so quickly on Craigslist! It will be a while before my first grandbaby comes to visit! (He isn't due for another week and a half!) But when you find exactly what you want on Craigslist you need to jump, you know?!
 I don't think I have blogged about my chicken wire project?! My hubby built the frame for me... then I stapled some chicken wire I had on hand down in our chicken coop. (unused)
 I hung family photos and recipes from clothes pins. I am planning on decorating the clothes pins, just haven't decided yet how I want them to look. Then made a banner with some twine and burlap. I plan to paint either FAMILY or WELCOME or something just haven't decided what yet! Ha!
 Ordinarily I am not a "red" girl, but I am loving the little pops of red in my kitchen/dining area.
Thanks for stopping in today! Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Yard post for mom!

 My mom wanted to see more pictures of my yard in bloom! So I thought I would post them here, enjoy!