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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the sun! Day 2-c

 The trip back down from the falls.
 I walked over to this tree to take a close up of the flowers... see the warning tape?
 Then noticed the cannonballs, this is a cannonball tree.
 Trumpet vine.
 We really enjoyed the walk in Waimea Valley=)
 We hit the road to our last destination of the night before returning to Waikiki. We really wanted to stop at these little shrimp trucks! They farm the shrimp in ponds behind the trucks then cook them up with LOTS of garlic! We heard they are wonderful!
 But we had decided we were stopping at the Polynesian Cultural Center for a Luau and the show "Ha: Breath of Life"

 The luau was interesting. They introduce the royalty of the luau. We paid for ambassador status so we had really close seats and were one of the first tables to eat.
They explain all the food they offer so you know what you are eating =)
 These rolls were purple, made from the same dough as poi, so yummy! The poi, not so yummy!

 They dig up the pig that has been roasting all day and present it to everyone...
 Lots of people, you are seated family style, so you get to know the people at your table! We were seated with another couple from Spokane Washington! A couple celebrating their 10 year anniversary from Missouri and a couple on their honeymoon from California.
 Since we had ambassador status we also received a backstage tour of the show. These are "tea leaves" they wear in the fire dance. According to our tour guide they do not burn, so they wear them to protect them from the flames.

 The actors practicing.
 There are over 1000 costumes, most of them wear 3-4 in the same night.
 One of the entrance tunnels the actors use.
 The auditorium.
 The stage just before the show begins. We had front row seats!
They don't allow any pictures of the show =( but they did serve free fruit and ice cream at intermission! It was a fun show, a little spendy for the luau and the show, but we can say we went!

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