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Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach treasures and paint!

 When I went to the Summer Retreat Vintage Market over the weekend I bought the large scrabble tiles!
 I had seen a preview of them on the blog, and knew I wanted some. I also purchased the "tray" they are sitting in =) It is an old piece of molding! SWOON!
 I had to really think long and hard about what I wanted my letters to spell out! I thought about LOVE, which could stay up all the time, or just for Valentines day. I thought about PEACE for Christmas. NEST was on the top of my list for a while... But ultimately BEACH won out! Although COTTAGE was a very close second.
 I was so excited to see Annie Sloan Chalk Paint being sold there as well! I had almost placed an online order a couple days before.
 I already knew the colors I wanted to try! Old White...
 and Provence! I love that I can mix the colors together to make my own custom color!
 It was great to be able to purchase a sheet with all the colors on it too! Unfortunately they were all out of the waxes... but they offered to e-mail me when they were back in stock =) If you haven't heard of this paint go here, and here! Amazingly cool stuff!
 A few of the treasures I picked up on Camano Island Beach while I was there. A couple large heart stones, drift wood which I have a project in mind for, a couple dried out crabs... (the piece of coral came from our recent trip to Hawaii)
I also added a starfish I had on hand!
Mt. Baker
Sunday morning we flew to one of our favorite breakfast spots!
Mt Rainier
 The morning was just sunny and smooth!
Whidby Island
 Perfect for flying =)
When we landed at Jefferson County Airport we were greeted with fields of wildflowers! =) We had a couple rough landings, but breakfast was delicious as always, we shared an outdoor table with another couple that offered since their was a wait for seating, and we made it home safe and sound! Perfect!
We had such a wonderful weekend! Hope you all did too! Have a great week!

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  1. Laurie, thank you so much for coming to our event, and for sharing it on your blog! I LOVE the way you styled the Giant Letter Tiles you got from us <3

    Hope to see you again for our September 17th Autumn show!

    Deb @ Retreat


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