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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the sun! Day 1-b

 After finding parking at Pearl Harbor we headed in to take in some tours. We knew we wanted to get to the Pacific Aviation Museum for sure ;) so we bought a combination tour of the Aviation Museum, USS Bowfin and the Battleship Missouri. Each tour had these little hand held devices that narrated everything for you!
 First up, USS Bowfin!
 The hubby listening to the narration.
 Okay, soo maybe I got a little bored.... so my mind started to wander a bit....
 but I just kept thinkin' how fun it would be to rent this for a craft party! Can't you just picture all your friends sitting around the dining hall doing crafts?
 This workspace I thought would make a great craft space, lots of little drawers and cubby holes to store craft stuff!
 This one too!
 Okay, I know back to the tour, it really was kinda interesting!
 Next stop Battleship Missouri.
 We didn't go out to the USS Arizona memorial. But we could see it from the Missouri.

 One of my not-so-favorite things about Hawaii, bad hair days! My hair just wants to frizz and become unmanageable! So into a pony it goes!

 Flowers everywhere, one of my favorite things about Hawaii!
 Next stop the Aviation Museum! We spent the most time here, of course. Ha!

Of course once the hubby spotted this sign I knew we would be here a while! It was fun to people watch though!

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