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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random June 11, 2011

 Random photos from June 11, 2011.
The last few weeks I have been cutting flowers from my yard and bringing them into my home.
 They make each room smell soo good!
 I also cut enough rhubarb to make a few pies.
 I don't know which smell I like better, the lilacs or the roses!
 Sadly the lilacs are just about done, but the daisies are just beginning!
 Over the weekend we had a rummage sale and bake sale for Relay for Life. I baked a strawberry rhubarb pie to sell.
 I hadn't ever made this crust before, but it sure smelled good while baking! Here is the link to the recipe I used!

 I also made brownies =)
 The strawberry rhubarb pie looked so yummy! I am going to make one for my hubby for Father's Day!
 It sure made a mess though!
 Made chocolate dipped strawberries...
 Whoopie pies.... with brownie cookies, and homemade Buttercream frosting!
 And Blueberry Creme Pie!
Packaged it all up real cute!
Someone got a little bored at the rummage sale, it wasn't me! Ha! Dance Tandy, dance!
In the evening the hubby and I flew to Center Island to look at a cabin and some property.
Yes, it is a grass strip, the deer stayed on the runway even after we had to abort our first landing due to them not moving, so we made a second attempt. They still didn't move so we landed anyway!
The cabin has potential! Unfortunately, it may be sold already =(
The property is on the strip, so we could also have a hangar...
We took off just in time to see the sunset!

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