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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the sun! Day 3

 Day 3 started out just like the last two days! Coffee and the beach! We stayed at the beach a little later since we were going to take it easy today, so at 9:00am when the boats started showing up we knew what our first excursion of the day would be!
 We signed up for a catamaran ride 1 hour for $20.00 each!
 The best money we spent the WHOLE trip! I love being on the water =)
 It was really windy! But it didn't stop us!
 A great view of Diamond Head. Lots of surfers!
 Pulling away from shore =)
 If we ever return this is where I want to stay!

 Can you see the water spray off the waves from the wind?

 Diamond Head lighthouse.
 Sailboat race.

 We only had a total of 8 people on the boat. Two were crew. We had 15 foot waves out in the deep water! So, so fun! We really wanted to go a second time for a sunset sail, but just ran out of time.
 Pulling back into shore, careful not to hit any surfers, or swimmers.
 Yep, highly recommend the $20.00 sail!
 Since it was our relaxing, take it easy day next stop was lunch at Dukes! Starting with a beer...
 the view...

 fish tacos! Yummo!
 For dessert Hula Pie! So glad the gals on the boat told us about this sinfully delicious pie!
 We ate every bite =)
We sat on the beach for a bit, walked through Waikiki a bit and did a little shopping, then headed to the pool at our hotel. I was hot, sweaty and sandy and needed a good cool soak in the pool.
 A few drinks didn't hurt either ;)
 I am a happy girl! After a couple hours by the pool we headed up tothe room for a little nap before getting ready for dinner with my BFF and her hubby. We had a great dinner with them at a do-it-yourself BBQ place. Then had a few drinks at a couple different places on the beach.

 Somehow we missed getting a pic of Pete my BFF Kari's hubby! It was so great to see them!

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