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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinner in Friday Harbor June 2011

 Wednesday afternoon my hubby called when he got off work to see if I wanted to meet him at the airport =)
 We flew to Friday Harbor for dinner! I love when he surprises me with dinner plans!
 It was a perfect flight, smooth as glass.
 We had a yummy dinner at Fridays Crabhouse.
 The restaurant has 3 decks of outdoor sitting, and a little indoor seating too.
 We love to sit on the top deck, above the marina and watch the ferry's load and unload.
 The restaurant is a little different, but fun!
 This ferry is moving over so the next ferry can have it's spot,
 I had the fish and chips...
 There goes the ferry, must be time to head for home!
 But not before looking for whales =)
 We heard from someone at Fridays that some whales had been hanging around the back side so we headed that way home!
Unfortunately, we didn't see any, but sure had a lovely evening! Thanks honey!

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