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Friday, June 10, 2011

A peek at the craft studio progress!

 The last couple weeks I have been focusing on getting the craft studio useable. I finally have a few peeks of the progress! My workspace =) created for me by my hubby about 7 years ago!
 Next to my work surface I have most of my paper, photos that need to be filed, decorative painting products from my mom in law (that I hope to use soon!) I have broken most of it down in the next few pictures.
 This space holds my paper cutter, which gets used ALOT! (Buffet, furniture store used to have a hutch on top, but gave to my friend Jessica! =))
 I am a visual person, it seems to help me to use what I have if I can see it! So the bookcase holds my small paper pads, (container from IKEA)
 medium paper pads, (container from IKEA)
 large paper pads,
 8x10 and 12x12 decorative paper
 family photos,
 this is where I store my paper scraps, at my feet in ziplock bags by color.
 Ink stored in an old cassette holder.
 Ribbon (glass containers from Walmart)
 These white boxes store numerous things! Primas, felt, adhesive, holiday stickers, rhinestones, etc. this system works well for me, I can bring the box down to my table while I am crafting and put it back when done! (boxes from Michael's and JoAnn whichever had them on sale)
 Solid colored 8x10 and 12x12 paper, the cabinet was built for me by a very dear friend!
 Decorative 12x12 paper (storage container Michael's)
 Decorative scissors and Stampin Up! markers (container Michael's)
This basket holds uncommon papercrafting elements such as a book I can tear pages out of, sheet music, an old road atlas, and large scraps of paper and plastic I can use to put down to craft on.
Sewing machine (I am searching Craiglist for a small table), sewing baskets, extra fabric.
All of my fabric is in the white closet (Walmart) wrapping paper in the hamper next to it (Ross) on top of the closet is most of my stickers (Clip it Up)
On the other side of my desk is a little cupboard (yardsale) that holds all my EXTRA ribbon and buttons.
The plastic container came from the Dollar Tree. 

That's it so far! Today I am going to try to finish up the last little bit of the other side of the room, do some baking for a rummage/bake sale tomorrow, and get some crafty things together to use my space tomorrow night with two amazingly crafty friends! Crafty friends+crafts+little alcohol+s'mores= goodtime! Can. Not. Wait!!!!! 

Have a FUN weekend too!

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