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Friday, June 10, 2011

A walk through the yard June 2011

 I recently read on a blog to keep blue jays and squirrels out of your bird feeders to switch to safflower seeds. I immediately went out and purchased some and replaced the sunflower seed I was using in the front courtyard with the safflower seeds. I love feeding the squirrels, they have two feeders on the property, and I get a kick out of watching them hang from precarious angles to get the food, but I also was hoping to attract a few songbirds =) It worked! This little guy above has been stopping very quickly the last couple days, (I think it is the same one anyway). I was finally able to get a picture!
Since I had my camera out taking pics of the birds I thought I would take a walk around the yard and photograph some of the flowers that are currently blooming!

 Peony! I have been cutting them and bringing them in the house, they smell divine!
 Rose, another one I've been cutting to bring in the house!
 Oriental poppy.
 White Wisteria. Such a sweet smell!
 The garden is growing nicely =)

 Japanese maple.
 Pale pink lilac. One of my very favorite smells!
 Bright pink lilac.
 Japanese Iris.
 Common purple lilac.

 Purple wisteria.

Every morning and evening we have a frog chorus happening at two of our ponds! These guys sure have loud croaks for as little as they are! I found this one hiding under some boxes!
Well that's it for today! Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed walking though my gardens with me! Have a beautiful day!

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