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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Mantel

 I had planned on linking todays post to a linky party at The Lettered Cottage, the hubby and I are leaving tonight for Hawaii and I planned on taking my laptop with me to post tomorrow.
 The hubby convinced me it was time for me to "unplug" for a few days =) And he is right...
 So I will post pictures of our trip when we return!
Have a memorable Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Craft cottage, baby robins, Restore, and Craigslist

 I have been pulled so many directions again this week, trying to finish up organizing the craft cottage, getting some gardening/yard work done, a few little home decorating projects, the list just goes on and on!
Anyhoo found this amazing table online at a furniture store in Lynden and since I happen to be meeting friends for coffee in Lynden over the weekend I thought I should at least take a look at it! LOVE at first sight I tell ya! Yes, it did come home with me =) I will show you the whole thing very soon ;)

While I was looking at it I took measurements of the table to 1. make sure it was going to fit in the space 2. because I knew the hubby would ask. I drove home and showed my sweet hubby the photo I had found online and gave him the measurements. He said if I wanted it lets go get it. So into the truck we go. (he says it will all fit in his truck we don't need the trailer) We get to the store I purchase the table and four stools, it takes 3 men to load it into the truck. As we are driving home he informs me he doesn't know how we are going to get it out of the truck. It is far to heavy for he and I to lift. Ugh! I start wracking my brain to think of someone I can call. Then he calmly says "I don't know how we are going to get it into the room." (the store had double doors that we took it through) Ack! We get it home, he calls a friend who is willing to come right over they get it unloaded, remove the top off the table and have barely a half-an-inch to get it in the door without having to take the entire thing apart, whoops. But the important thing is, it is in place and beautiful!
 I am trying to get everything organized and in place. This system seems to work well for me, I used it in the last craft room I had. I work better with a visual of what I have.
 All the fabric is in the white doored cabinet, so it can't get dusty. I am looking for a little sewing table to put next to it. Hopefully I will sew a little more having an actual sewing station.
 I had forgotten how much fabric I have! I need to get sewing some gifts to weed some of it out! ha!
 An update on the baby robins, they are growing feathers so much cuter =)
 I found this cupboard door over the weekend at Restore... brought it home...
 painted it Heirloom White. Haven't decided if I will take the sander to it yet or not. I will post pictures tomorrow of where its home will be ;)
Found this on Craiglist, it will be for the grandbaby when he comes to visit! I am thinking of painting it black.
Well, that's it for today. Have a marvelous Tuesday! Thanks for stopping in!

Friday, May 20, 2011

An evening stroll at Zuanich Point Park

 The hubby is having some work done to the airplane so we couldn't take an evening flight with this perfect weather, so we did the next best thing... a walk at one of our favorite places! Zuanich Point.
 I LOVE to start at the commercial fishing boats! I don't know what draws me to them, it is just so calming to see them all lined up =) Makes me think of my walks last summer with my friend Andrea! *Hi Andrea, miss you friend!*
 Flowers are beginning to bloom, so pretty. So soothing to see the beauty around us!

 There are always kites flying when we go and usually kite boarders, but not tonight, just the kites =)
 The best part, the sailboats! I want one... someday.
Thanks for taking a walk through Zuanich Point with me! Take a moment this weekend to enjoy the beauty where you are!
Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outdoor patio surprise!

 I couldn't resist posting to a linky party today for outdoor party ideas at Censational Girl! My poor hubby has been working overtime lately at his "big boy" job, he hasn't been too happy about it either. With the weather finally deciding to be SPRING I thought a nice surprise for him when he came home today should be waiting =)
 We recently purchased our home, (Christmas time) and recently purchased this sectional from Walmart. We love it! We live in the Pacific Northwest so it has been sitting in our courtyard waiting for the rain to stop!
 I have shopped the house for most of the goodies, and have been purchasing the flowers over the last couple months.
 Today I finally put it all together!
 While I hope that the little touches I've added today surprise him...

 This is his surprise! S'mores!
 I think he will be rather surprised!

 I think I will just sit and wait for him to find me! Ha!
 Thanks for stopping by today! Check out the link for more great ideas!
Have a sweet evening!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On my way out to the studio yesterday I noticed this pretty blue on the ground, I bent over to pick it up and knew right away exactly what it was! The robins eggs have hatched!
I grabbed my camera from the house and went to the nest, mama was away so I quickly snapped a few pictures. I guess they heard me walk up so they opened their little beaks expecting a treat!
 When they figured out I wasn't mama they settled right back down and went to sleep. Mama wasn't too far away, she made all kinds of noise to get me to leave.
 The purple wisteria near the kitchen is getting ready to bloom! Yay! I think spring has finally arrived! As I have shared, I have been working out in the studio the last few days trying to organize and purge a few things for a yard sale this weekend.
 Umm, I've discovered a few things about myself during this process... I may have a little obsession with containers. Almost any container really, jars, bottles, new or recycled. (Infact, I have three jars/bottles on the kitchen counter as I type this that I thought I would recycle into my crafts. A cool syrup bottle, a small chopped garlic jar and a pickle jar.)
 did I say jars? Oh, ya right! ;) Luckily I have a few projects coming up that will require jars, so I hope to use a few of these up. Also, I plan to can some salsa, tomato sauce, jam, and any other items I can this summer, so all those jars will come in handy =) I may even need a few more jars from IKEA by that time. Hehe!
 Umm, these two boxes contain gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon... maybe I don't need to buy any of that for a while either.
 These three boxes contain my "alterables" for crafts, you know things to alter, photo albums for cookbooks or mini books, Christmas decorations, frames, clipboards, cd cases. Maybe I don't need to buy any of those things for a while either.
 Above is a BUNCH of frames, nope don't need to buy any! =)
And lastly would be my collection of canvas... now, I had to buy all these because my favorite scrapbook store was going out of business and they were such a great deal! Really!
I think I will make a goal for myself to not buy any craft products for the rest of the year.
I did not have any clocks though, so I bought one! Isn't it pretty? On sale too!
Well thanks for stopping in! Have a pleasant evening!