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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A walk through the yard... May 2011

 I took a little walk yesterday morning through the yard with my camera. See this pretty lady in the bush?
 She's been busy sitting here for a few days =) So excited, her nest is near the deck, in the grapevines. I have been checking it morning and evening for babies!
 You can almost see this lady, see her tail on the left? She is near the kitchen door in the wisteria vine, a bluejay. I think she may have a couple babies, it's hard to tell, but I think I hear faint chirping the last couple days.
 The wisteria is beginning to bud! I cannot wait to see how pretty it is!
 So many interesting things popping up everywhere! Since this is a new house for us, we don't know what most of the things are that are planted. Any idea what the above plant is? I am headed to the nursery later today, I am hoping they can help me with a few of the plants I have growing.
 This one?
 I really love the blue and yellow together. Makes me smile when I see it.
 This is the birdbath the previous owners left at the house, it leaks, so I planted pansies and they are so happy here!
 I noticed only a handful of tulips, this one is gorgeous! I will be planting more this fall.
 Not sure what any of these are.
 Or this, it is a huge bush though!
 The apple trees are loaded with flowers! Four trees in all. I had forgotten how beautiful apple blossoms are =)

 The potatoes I planted are growing.
 Ferns unfurling.
 I think these may be blueberries near the chicken coop. I had planned on planting some, or stealing the ones I planted at the old house, but I may not need to.

 Can't wait to see what this is!
 Another plant on my list to ask at the nursery. Love the bright orange color.

That's it for today, hope you enjoyed my little walk though the yard. Sure wish the sun would join us a little more this year!
I am waiting for some pictures from my sister in law, somehow when my mom, sister and sister in law were here, I kept forgetting my camera! So I am waiting for pictures of our visit to Pikes Place, Abby Tea Garden, and a few more.
Have a fab day, thanks for stopping by today!


  1. What a lovely yard! I know the yellow flower with the fuzzy skinny stem is a poppy. I love the birdbath full of pansies. It's beautiful!

  2. Oh thanks Lisa, I had forgotten that poppies can be colors other than orange! I will cross that one off my list to ask at the nursery today =)


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