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Friday, May 6, 2011

More of our visit with Scotts mom and stepdad.

I use my blog as a sort of journal, these next few posts are family visits... thanks for understanding =)
 After a full day Thursday of tulips, LaConnor, ice cream, Deception pass and a late dinner at Skylarks (our favorite place in Fairhaven) we had a slow morning Friday, plus the hubby had a couple flights scheduled =) so Friday afternoon we headed out to lunch at Bayside Cafe then headed north to Birch Bay. 
 We pulled into the state park and saw more people than we have ever seen on the beach before. Once we got out of the car to walk on the beach we realized it was clamming season!
 Look at the huge bag of clams these two had! We haven't tried clamming yet, but really would like to some day! Friday ended with a stop at the C Shop in Birch Bay to get fresh made candy and ice cream =) before heading home and having a delicious salmon and oyster dinner made by ME! Ha! I LOVE to cook, so I always try to cook at least one meal when we have visitors.
 Saturday morning we woke up to gorgeous sun! So the hubs took his mom and step dad up for a flight while I cooked breakfast of blueberry waffles. YUM!
 Scott and his mama =)
 Flying over the islands, the water color is just gorgeous!

 The ever popular cockpit picture.

 They flew over Deception pass... which we had visited Thursday.
 They also flew over the tulip fields.
 A clear day to see Mt Baker. The last time his mom and step dad visited it rained the whole trip so they didn't get to see much.
 Lake Whatcom.
 After breakfast we split up, the boys went birthday present shopping for Scotts birthday at the local hardware store. The girls went to the local Farmers Market for a little shopping! The girls also snuck in a quick trip to the nursery for a surprise Easter present for the hubs from the Easter bunny.
We all met back up at the house and headed to dinner at The Cliffhouse. The day was just to AMAZING to not go to the most amazing view in Bellingham for dinner.
 We had a wonderful dinner to celebrate the hubbys birthday.
 Then he and I headed out for a sunset flight, just the two of us!

The end to a PERFECT day =)
Easter sunday (the hubs birthday this year) we enjoyed breakfast sandwiches and fresh fruit which the hubby helped cook, Easter gifts for everyone, it was a rainy, lazy day of reading for everyone. For dinner Scott asked for prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.
Thank you so much for visiting us Jeanne and Gene, we really enjoyed the time we shared. Hope to have you visit again soon.
On Monday I drove back down to Seatac to drop off Scotts mom and stepdad and pick up my mama! BUT, I had about two hours in between, so a trip to IKEA was a must =)

Sorry for the long, family related post! Thanks for stopping by today, hope it's feeling more like spring where YOU are =)

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