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Monday, May 16, 2011

Studio update

 I have been spending quite a bit of time the last week in the studio. The main reason is I need to open every box and go through it... we are sponsoring a garage sale this weekend in support of Relay for Life, so it's the perfect time to get rid of unused belongings. I had to hire someone last week to come and look at the heater, it gave off an awful smell... after two visits with no results, the HUBBY was able to fix it himself! Ha! This weekend he hung the gorgeous little chandelier over the table =)
 He also hung the cute little mantle over the faux fireplace.
 This room is huge, I am not sure how I managed all this "stuff" in my last craft area!
 My hubby also installed the new lights in the garage portion of the studio. Lights were there but not centered on the ceiling and not attached to any electricity, just there. So he centered them and ran electricity to them. Now we can see in that space!
 Plus the light from that side helps light the studio area a little better too. I may need to break down and paint the ceiling =( Ugh. We will see when I get everything stored where it belongs. I know eventually it will all be painted, but I really need my crafty stuff out to use for a while first. Too many other projects happening right now.
 Here are a few shots of the garage portion of the studio.
 We still have lots of boxes to go through and organize. We plan to build more storage shelves and put a used refrigerator/freezer in the space. I think the hubby plans to build a work bench too.
 I am thinking I may sell this desk at the yard sale. The previous owners left it here, I wish it worked better for the space, but it is too tall for crafting at while sitting. I thought about cutting the legs down, but then your thighs would hit the bottom edge. While this is not where my main crafting is done, I use the white desk my hubby built, I want my friends to be comfortable when they come craft with me.
image 0

I found this at a local furniture store web site and would LOVE to put this in the space!!! Hmmm, maybe even store wine glasses and wine in it, hehe! Okay, maybe crafty things instead!
 Found these cute button decorations at JoAnn on clearance 70% off, these are my color inspiration, SWOON!
 The chairs go with my dining room table, which I am thinking about selling as well. They were perfect for our other house, but since I purchased the dining room chairs from the previous owners and bought a new china hutch... I am thinking a dark farmhouse table would be perfect!
The dining room table just blends into the wood floor. It does have a huge leaf stored inside to seat 10.
 Decisions, decisions! I did think about painting the table... the hubby said no to that right away.
 Well, enough of the chit chat today, I need to head out and sort through more boxes!
Have a super organized day, thanks for stopping in today!

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