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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday weekend...

 I celebrated my birthday last weekend with a couple of my closest friends =)
 Can you guess where we went?
 Abby Tea Garden! Thanks Lisa and Jessica! It was a wonderful day =) Even though I had no voice and less energy. (bah! stupid cold!)
 Guess where we went after lunch? Sorry for the blurry pic, I think the nice gentlemen who took our pic didn't wait for it to focus.
CreativiTea! We all got to be crafty! It was lots of fun. Then we took a little shopping trip around Fairhaven =) While I was out with the girls, the hubby was home waiting for a very special delivery.

 Our new furniture was delivered! We bought a new china hutch to replace the one I had to leave behind when we moved to Washington. Yay! more room for dishes ;)
 We also purchased a new bedroom set! We haven't had a new one for almost 16 years =)
 I have been searching for several months and finally decided on one that the hubby liked.
 He mounted the TV on the wall too, just need to hide those pesky cords somehow!
 I am still sick with this lousy cold so all the drawers are still empty. But I did manage to pull out a few items to decorate with.
Hoping this cold starts to go away soon, we've got company beginning to come next week for the next couple weeks. I feel like I have so much still to do! Our old bedroom set is being used in the garden guest bedroom... which I still need to put together before next Wednesday. Plus I am sure my hubby would like for his clothes to be in our bedroom, maybe in the new dressers? I guess they can't stay empty! Ha!
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Friday, April 8, 2011

DREAM pennant...

 I wanted to quickly share my DREAM pennant/bunting/banner! I kept it simple since so much is already going on on the shelf above.
I think it is just what the space needed =)
I am being pulled soo many different directions lately, we are still working on the laundry room. I am still working on getting the studio organized and cleaned. Trying to get the yard and gardening under control (if it ever stops raining this year?). Trying to prepare for Easter, the hubby's birthday and guests at the end of the month! Guess I better get a move on, the sun is shining so maybe a little yard work first!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

More spring decor

 When I changed my spring mantel I also changed this area in the living room. I think the purple was bugging me. I created the ever popular moss covered letters. I thought about doing spring or nest, but decided on HOME so I could use it a little more often.
 I used spanish moss for a little more texture and I like the grey-green color.
 I used more tree branches and another wreath. I am looking for something to add to the branches. I have seen in blogland, hand made flowers, butterflies, and birds...
I am doing some sewing today... can you say ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles?! Can. Not. Wait. To show you! Hoping the sun comes out again this afternoon too so I can plant some of the plants I have been hoarding. Ha!
Ooh and I have a HUGE project to show after this weekend!
Have a sunny, lovely day!

April spring mantel

 I am not sure why I felt the need to redecorate the mantel for spring a second time, but I LOVE it!
 I bought some spanish moss at JoAnn to cover some letters and bought way too much, so I used some with a nest and some eggs that I had boughten for another project. The white bird statue came from a recent trip to TJ Maxx. I left the moss balls from my previous mantel display.
 This side I took out the iris flowers that were in the metal container before and replaced them with some branches from one of the trees in front of the house and a little more spanish moss.
 I bought the books at Goodwill recently to use for a few other projects but needed a little more height for the mirror so I used them here. (I am noticing in the picture I need to turn the top book right-side-up! Ha!) The wreath came from Goodwill as well, infact I bought three!
I left the banner from my previous mantel which you can see here. What do you think? Better?
I am linking to my second ever linky party!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Laundry room update...

 Today is my birthday... my sweet hubby wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday =) I think he was really hoping I would say jewelry (there is a gorgeous ring I would love), electronics (I have been wanting an Ipod) or a trip (maybe a cruise in November). No, I thought I would ask for something much more simple. Can WE please finish the laundry room the way I want??? Please? Batting my baby blues... oh and build me a farmhouse table from the 4x4's in the scrap pile, with maybe some old barn flooring for the top??? He smiled and said "I guess, if that's what you want?" So we made a trip to Lowe's and purchased everything almost everything we needed for the laundry room. Oops, I was off a panel and some molding =)
 It is turning out just the way I wanted! I LOVE it! I am going to spend today priming the bead board and tonight we will celebrate my birthday with another trip to Lowe's to get a few more things to finish the project. Then one of my favorite restaurants in Fairhaven for dinner.
 We were expecting the sun to shine yesterday, but it didn't happen. Here are a few shots of some of the flowers in bloom in our yard.
 One of my favorite flowers Forget-me-nots. I was so happy to see these in the entrance garden.
 Love the yellow and blue together.

 I am hoping the reddish plant is a Peony, if so I have 3-4 in the yard.
Well, I have ton's to get done today... thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sprouting seedlings and paper carrots

 My seeds are sprouting! *HUGE grins*
 I have been chasing the sun when it decides to come out to try to get these little guys some warmth.
 It is hard to do with ALL this rain! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the rain and the foggy, misty days which gives us all this green around us! But can't we have just a few sunny days so I can finish my yard work and the hubby can fly his plane?
 The herbs I planted are soo tiny compared to the vegetables.
 I took a little walk around the yard this morning, like I do most mornings, I have a pink azalea blooming on the front slope of the cottage and 3 forsythia bushes blooming! I will take a few pictures if the rain stops this afternoon. Leaves are unfurling on all the trees and I have lots of plants coming up all over that I can't wait to see what they are! I do have a few guesses, really hoping I am right.
While blog stalking I came across this cute idea and decided this would be perfect for a fund raiser for Relay for Life. So my girly friends are going to come over so we can make up a bunch to sell. This one is not as detailed as the original since we are mass producing and not everyone appreciates the time spent on homemade goodies *wink*.
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