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Monday, April 4, 2011

Laundry room update...

 Today is my birthday... my sweet hubby wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday =) I think he was really hoping I would say jewelry (there is a gorgeous ring I would love), electronics (I have been wanting an Ipod) or a trip (maybe a cruise in November). No, I thought I would ask for something much more simple. Can WE please finish the laundry room the way I want??? Please? Batting my baby blues... oh and build me a farmhouse table from the 4x4's in the scrap pile, with maybe some old barn flooring for the top??? He smiled and said "I guess, if that's what you want?" So we made a trip to Lowe's and purchased everything almost everything we needed for the laundry room. Oops, I was off a panel and some molding =)
 It is turning out just the way I wanted! I LOVE it! I am going to spend today priming the bead board and tonight we will celebrate my birthday with another trip to Lowe's to get a few more things to finish the project. Then one of my favorite restaurants in Fairhaven for dinner.
 We were expecting the sun to shine yesterday, but it didn't happen. Here are a few shots of some of the flowers in bloom in our yard.
 One of my favorite flowers Forget-me-nots. I was so happy to see these in the entrance garden.
 Love the yellow and blue together.

 I am hoping the reddish plant is a Peony, if so I have 3-4 in the yard.
Well, I have ton's to get done today... thanks for stopping by!

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