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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday weekend...

 I celebrated my birthday last weekend with a couple of my closest friends =)
 Can you guess where we went?
 Abby Tea Garden! Thanks Lisa and Jessica! It was a wonderful day =) Even though I had no voice and less energy. (bah! stupid cold!)
 Guess where we went after lunch? Sorry for the blurry pic, I think the nice gentlemen who took our pic didn't wait for it to focus.
CreativiTea! We all got to be crafty! It was lots of fun. Then we took a little shopping trip around Fairhaven =) While I was out with the girls, the hubby was home waiting for a very special delivery.

 Our new furniture was delivered! We bought a new china hutch to replace the one I had to leave behind when we moved to Washington. Yay! more room for dishes ;)
 We also purchased a new bedroom set! We haven't had a new one for almost 16 years =)
 I have been searching for several months and finally decided on one that the hubby liked.
 He mounted the TV on the wall too, just need to hide those pesky cords somehow!
 I am still sick with this lousy cold so all the drawers are still empty. But I did manage to pull out a few items to decorate with.
Hoping this cold starts to go away soon, we've got company beginning to come next week for the next couple weeks. I feel like I have so much still to do! Our old bedroom set is being used in the garden guest bedroom... which I still need to put together before next Wednesday. Plus I am sure my hubby would like for his clothes to be in our bedroom, maybe in the new dressers? I guess they can't stay empty! Ha!
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  1. I LOVE the new furniture!! I love the color! The new china hutch is so beautiful! Glad you had fun on your birthday! I wasn't rocking the best hair do that day! :0)


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