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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the sun! Day 4

 Not alot of pictures today! The day started with coffee brought to me in bed =) yay! We had an early couples massage scheduled and had to pack and check out of our room by 11:00 am.  So my early morning was spent packing =( the massage was wonderful though!
 After the massage we showered and checked out of the hotel, checked our bags in with the bellman, then sat around the hotel lobby while we had a second cup of coffee. Then headed out to hop on the free shuttle around town that takes you to Hilo Hatties for shopping =) It is nice it is free, and it takes you around town to see a few of the sights!
 After our shopping, where we also got to watch hula dancing, we had them let us off at the Hilton, so we could walk back. We had all day, our flight didn't leave until 9:30pm so we wandered around looking at the shops and the animals.
 Then decided to have some lunch on the beach.
 After lunch we walked down the beach and rented a locker to put our shopping packages and my purse and camera in and rented a double sea kayak for a half an hour $12.00 totally reasonable! We LOVED it! Then rented a paddleboard for an hour! $15.00! So much fun! But, I tried twice to stand, and fell into the water both times =( hair wet, mascara all over my face. I am going to try again here on one our local lakes, I think I can stand without the waves ;) I did fine on my knees =)
 After turning in our "toys" we sat on the beach for a while to dry out a bit before heading back to the International Marketplace for a few last minute goodies then back to the hotel.
 Our hotel offers a large hospitality room to shower and clean up in which was so nice! We were able to get our luggage back from the bellman and head up to the room to get all the sand and salt off our bodies before our 6 hour flight home =) We didn't realize that the room only had one womans shower and one mens so luckily we gave ourselves plenty of time, we had to wait for our turns. But it was still so great to clean up and change clothes.
 Then we hailed a cab and went to the airport, check our bags and had a nice leisurely dinner at the airport! It was a great trip with my favorite companion, my hubby!
Thanks for hanging in with all the pictures, as I've said before my blog is like my journal, so occasionally you may endure a few family, personal posts =)

We are finally having sun here! Yay! Should be a fabulous weekend! You have one too!

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