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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the sun! Day 2-a

 Day Two! Another long day! So multiple posts! The started out about like Day 1! We woke about 6:00 am, the beach was deserted except for all the surfers on the water!
 So we once again threw on some clothes, bought some coffee and headed to the solitude of the beach!

 After discussing our plans for the day, we headed to breakfast! This little water feature is along the sidewalk.
 Plumeria smells so good! So pretty too!

 Yes, we had breakfast here again! You couldn't beat the price and we don't really like buffet food anyway! After we showered I headed to a Foot massage with my BFF Kari and her daughter, and the hubby headed out to pick up the rental car.
For some reason I have no pictures but the massage was wonderful! They give the best foot massages in Hawaii!
 After hooking back up with the hubby we headed out in our rental car. Thank goodness for GPS! It made driving to find places sooo easy! Our first stop today is the Dole Pineapple plantation!

 So cute! I hadn't realized that pineapple grew on a bush like this, I thought they grew on a tree like coconuts, but I hadn't really given it much thought.
 Lots of different varieties.

 Somehow I got suckered into this?! Picking an oyster... the hubby did too! Oops! Oh well, we did good saying no!
I came home with only the 2 pearls, I didn't buy any mountings for them. They started at over $500.00 and the cheapest she showed me was $85.00. I knew I could mount them myself for less ;)
On to the next stop!

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