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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day weekend!

 Had a fabulous weekend! A couple friends and I traveled to Vancouver Canada early saturday morning! First stop was IKEA! (Well technically Starbucks, but... you knew that! Ha!)
 Then we stopped for a lovely lunch at the public library! Sliders and a pitcher of beer! Perfect!
 Last stop before heading home? Wicked! It was awesome!
 We loved it!
 Sunday morning, Fathers Day I had set up a surprise for my sweet hubby ;) I had planned on just packing everything and driving him to Kayak lessons, but the weather didn't cooperate and I wanted him to be dry and comfortable so I told him so he could dress appropriately! Then we headed to Chuckanut Bay!
 Our sweet instructor brought boutonnieres for all the guys! So sweet!
 Here we are all geared up!
 My friend Jessica and her hubby too!
 My handsome hubby posing with his boutonniere =)
 The trip was amazing! I had my camera stowed most of the trip since it is not waterproof, but we saw otters, a mommy and 2 babies!
 A raccoon searching for little crabs in the rocks! Eagles, vultures, heron and oyster eaters (a black bird with red eyes and a bright orange beak) they had a nest and were pretty protective. Lots of seagulls, saw one trying to eat a sunflower starfish!
 A sunflower starfish, (above) and a leather starfish that smells like garlic.
 Of course we saw lots of sea life, starfish, anemone, clams but our instructor pointed out lots of uncommon things about the life around us, it was awesome!
 Paddling along the waters edge was like being at an aquarium!
 We paddled 4 miles, 2 miles with the wind in our favor and 2 back against the wind! Our instructor and another man in single kayaks had a seal following them back!
It wasn't too bad! Definitely would LOVE to do it again! SOON! Happy Fathers Day babe! After we put the gear away we drove over to Larrabee State Park campground and had a wonderful picnic lunch with Jessica and Jon!
After arriving home and sitting in a warm hottub for a bit I began cooking dinner... as I was at the kitchen sink I saw a Blue Heron land on the driveway and get a drink from the pond! He was probably looking for fish! Ha! The previous owner had fish in the pond, they had told us a Blue Heron had eaten some of them along with raccoons! It was fantastic to see, he flew off before I could find my camera.
Hope you had a great weekend too!

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