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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little peek at the craft cottage

My little craft cottage is sooo close to being organized! So here are a few little peeks! At first I just had some tissue paper pompoms hanging from the ceiling...
Then decided to add some banners from drop cloth, ribbon and twine. Helped to lighten the ceiling a little! Can't wait to get this room painted someday, it works for now.
 Found this welcome sign at TJ Maxx, had intended to use it on the door, but it was HUGE!
 I am loving this area! I will show a more detailed post at the end of the month!
 A few friends came over last night to create luminary bags for Relay for Life so I set up an extra table. These fold up wood chairs were left here by the previous owners of the house. I think I have eight! score! I am going to paint them when I return from seeing my first grandbaby =) I think I will paint them with Chalk Paint. Probably Old White.
 My little coffee/tea area.
 Have to have snacks and beverages! Some leftover paper plates and napkins from a bachelorette party from a few years ago.
Peony flowers from my yard.
This is the entrance to my little craft cottage. I have been painting all the doors outside the house and the trim around them to freshen things a bit while waiting to paint the house and deck later this summer. We had a great time last night crafting and snacking!
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  1. How fabulous to have your own craft cottage! It looks like a wonderful place to create!


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