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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yesterday I managed to clean up all the broken tile and concrete. I purchased the plastic tub at Lowes just for this purpose and it worked perfect!
Shortly after I finished my clean up project, the final tile order was delivered! Woohoo! The honed marble basket weave is here! 300 pounds! While I was extremely happy to see the tile... I may have been even more excited to see what else came with the delivery. The pallets! I have been loving the vertical gardens I have been seeing on Pinterest and in blogland... how about you? Now I just need a little sun and some time to create my own! The hubby and I are finalizing our bathroom renovation details, then hopefully my next post I will have pictures detailing those plans out. The third time is the charm, right?! Yes, this is the third time we will be meeting with our contractor to go over "the plans". And yes, each time has been with a different set of plans ha!
 The hubby and I made a quick trip between sunbreaks yesterday afternoon to see the tulip fields beds.
 Unfortunately, since we had to make our little unscheduled trip last week, we missed the peak bloom.
 But I couldn't let a year go by and not see the tulips.
 Last year we had our kids here, the hubbys mom and step dad and my mom, sister and sister in law all here within a 4 week time period to see the daffodils and tulips. This year we haven't had any visitors.
 Hopefully next year we can have everyone back again.
 The beds at Roozengaarde were beautiful as always. Since the Tulip Festival is technically over, we had no crowds to deal with, which was so nice. I don't like traffic or crowds much.
 The displays are so inspiring, I would love to do something like this in my yard.
 It is so hard to choose which bulbs to order, I love them all!
 These signs always make me giggle.
 Love the idea of the tulips against the backdrop of the old fence.
 So pretty!
 The yellow crown tulip is so different looking, I think it would be adorable in a bed with a frog wearing a crown!
 The fringed tulips are funny looking too, remind me of a colorful venus fly trap. The one above is called Fabio.
It was such a fun afternoon walking through the tulips! Thanks to my hunny for taking me!
We didn't get a chance to fly over them this year, but a friend did and he snapped this incredible picture at peak bloom! Incredible!

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