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Friday, January 6, 2012

My word for 2012

Do you have a word yet? I have been thinking about my word for over a month now! But, before I tell you my word for this year... I didn't talk too much about my word for 2011. GIVE. Edited: Oops! Guess it was actually Content after reading last years post! I shouldn't have changed it at the last minute. Give is the word that kept speaking to me... I won't make that mistake again!)
It's one of those words you don't need to "talk" about, you just do it. The word GIVE inspired me all 2011. I gave to many organizations that are close to my heart and will continue to give my support and donations in the years ahead. I am so pleased I chose GIVE last year. In years past I have also chosen BALANCE (2010) and COMPLETE (2009). If you haven't done this before I encourage you to do it this year! You would be surprised how often that one little word can pop into your head, and encourage or inspire you for a whole year!
I usually frame my word to help me to keep inspired... that post will be coming soon. My word for 2012?        BLISS
Have a wonderful evening!

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