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Monday, July 23, 2012

The hubby and I spent some time yesterday picking pie cherries =)
They were just perfect! 
The little farm that we picked at was perfect too! We came home with about 10 pounds!
 I considered purchasing a cherry pitter, but found it pretty easy to just pit them with a small knife.
 It went pretty quickly. I was glad to not have too many wasted cherries too.
I had purchased a cute little pie mold a few weeks ago and thought this would be the perfect time to try it out! It's just the hubby and I, so we really do not need a whole large size pie. 
 The mold was very easy to use.
 And made the cutes little pies!
 I also made a couple small pies in ramekins.
 Baked for 30 minutes and they turned out perfectly browned and smelling sooo good!
 The mini pies did too!
 I wanted to compare them, so the hubby had a mini pie, with vanilla bean ice cream of course!
 I had the one baked in a ramekin.
 It tasted as good as this looks! Trust me! It was the perfect amount!
 The hubby said his was perfect too! I am so glad we have enough frozen cherries for another 4 large pies! Or lots of small ones ;)

Look at this amazing barn that was at the farm, eek! I love barns!

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