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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finding inspiration for the Garden guest bedroom has been a little difficult. I really wanted to go with a lavender/lilac color. I call the room the Garden guest bedroom because it has french doors that open to the garden/hottub/fireplace/patio. I decided to take a walk through the yard for some inspiration =)
 These hydrangeas are gorgeous and one of my favorite flowers! I already painted the other guest bedroom blue and the guest bathroom is a seaglass blue, so I don't really want another blue room. Love the hint of lilac/lavender.
 Not sure what these are, but I like the purple/pinky color.
 Delphiniums are new to my yard this year, love their color too, the pale purple and the medium purple.
 I love the pale purple color of these flowers on this hosta... but I love the colors on the leaves even more.
 I love the colors of this grass too!
 Love the color of this plant too, I think it is called Jacob's coat? Or something similar?
 This Hydrangea is a pale yellow with hints of pink. The pink is out of the question for the bedroom for sure, but the yellow is a good contender.

 I am not sure what this plant is, but I love the yellow and green colors.
So we have pale lilac, pale green, yellow and a medium green... hmm, I know the trim will be white, and the ceiling will be white (currently is is the same color as the walls, ugh! Not a fan of painting ceilings but it's got to be done). The hubby is still not liking the idea of the lilac room. So I think I'll go with... 
You'll see soon!

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