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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 Spring is close right? We woke up to snow this morning, ugh! But we are expecting to get to 50 degrees today so it should melt pretty fast.
 I am working on the Craigslist buffet I picked up to go into my entry way. Welcome to my seldom used front door.
 As you can see the sofa table I have in the location for the buffet is way too small!
 I had considered while cleaning the buffet up of trying to use it as it was like I did the cabinet.
 Unfortunately, it is in pretty rough shape. I cannot wait to get it done and in the space. It has so much room for storing bits and pieces!
 I had planned to paint it a soft green color, but I don't think it will work with the wall color. I am not quite ready to deal with the walls yet. I have a quart of ASCP Old White that I will use instead.
 The laminate top was pretty warped so the hubby convinced me to scrap it off to bare wood.
 The little detailing at the bottom has come off, but I am hoping that once painted up it won't be as noticeable.
 I found cup hooks under both sides of the large cupboards. I am going to use this piece as a bar so I left them for now.
 The laminate is peeling on one side and not the other, I haven't decided if I will peel both sides off or not. What would you do?
Here we go!
Have a great day!

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