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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daffodils, hiking and icecream

 I spent a week at the end of March visiting my grandson Liam. My friend Jessica made the bunny ear hat for him for Easter. So cute! Thank you again Jessica! He is growing so fast! (9 months old).
 Last Sunday was the beginning of our area Tulip Festival. I knew the tulips wouldn't be out yet, but since I had the day to spend with the hubby, I coaxed him to take me to see the daffodils :).
 They are beautiful!
 We've had quite a bit of rain/snow this spring. As you can see from the huge puddles!

 The sun decided to peak out while we were there so we decided on our way home, to take a hike at one of our favorite lakes. Squires Lake.
 It is up hill all the way! But it is a short hike, and is just gorgeous!
 It has been a while since we have been able to get out and enjoy the beauty of where we live, it was much needed!

 The payoff at the top of all that uphill climb!
 I little photo op on a bench near the lake before beginning the 1 mile hike around the lake.
 I am not sure what these are, I love them. They grow wild all around here. They have the sweetest smell!
 The hike around the lake takes you through more woods, streams and of course the lake.

 Last year when we hiked, this part of the trail was dirt, this year it is moss.
Afterwards, we headed home for some snowcrab, baked sweet potatoes and salad for dinner. Then decided to have sugar-free Black Cherry ice cream for dessert down in Fairhaven. YUM! It was a perfect day with my hubby.

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