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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Current blooms in the yard and remodeling begins

 I promised my mom a little walk through the yard a couple weeks ago. So here we go! Just a few things blooming currently, but lots of foliage popping up everywhere!

 The clematis is a new one for this year.

 The red rhododendrons are the first to bloom in my yard.

 I made a few treats for the birds a few weeks ago. I used the recipe here.

 This year is a much better year for the rhododendrons in my yard, last year I had quite a few that didn't bloom.
 Loving this pale peach colored one!
 I will take you for another walk around the yard in a couple weeks... the wisteria is just beginning the leaf out!
 The hubby and I have been working towards a major remodel =)
 After weeks of trying to decide what we wanted, and blowing extending our budget...
 I think we finally have all our wants and wishes within budget. (fingers crossed)
Our contractor was going to demo it for us, but we needed to save some money, so we are going to demo as much of it as we can. Wish us luck, we need it! Ha!
My next post I will tell you more about the guest bath remodel! Have a fun evening!

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