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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flying, flowers and bunnies

 The hubby and I finally had an opportunity to go flying this afternoon!
 It was a gorgeous day for it too! My first trip up in the plane this year. I was a bit nervous... it had been 6 months since I flew in our little plane. It was down for it's annual, then received a new paint job. (You can see the daffodil fields off in the distance :))
 I forgot to take my camera! Gah! So, luckily I had my phone... not the best pictures, but that's okay.
 Photo op! Hehe! We flew to a nearby airport and had lunch, yes cheeseburgers ha! $100 cheeseburgers anyone?!
 Then flew back home, right over the daffodils. The tulips are almost ready to bloom. They will be gorgeous next weekend if the sun stays.
 The last few days have been warmer and sunny, just what I needed to get my behind outside! I made a visit to my favorite garden store and purchased some plants and little bunnies. Then planted up some Easter baskets.
The little iron bunny almost looks like a chocolate bunny!
 I found these great striped pots at Lowes, thought they would be cute planted up with a little bunny for a few friends.
 I think I have a thing for bunnies! But I couldn't leave this one behind ;)
 I have a friend with a thing for purple.
 Another friend likes blue;)
 I made up a few Easter cards to accompany the pots.
I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter! Enjoy every moment!


  1. I love your gorgeous Easter flower arrangements!! Especially the one in the basket. It is so, so, pretty! I just had to "pin" it. :)

  2. Love the flowers and the view from the airplane. I wish we were having another girls' trip there this spring!


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