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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laundry Room almost done =)

 I am finally going to show you the laundry room almost done! I just have a few shelves and hooks to have the hubby put up for me this morning and the project will be DONE! I finished the powder room next to the laundry room too! I was amazed at the coverage I got from the Valspar paint. I thought I was going to have to prime over the mural that was in the powder room, but once I started painting with the Valspar paint I knew I could just cover it in one coat of the paint! Woohoo! Goodbye mural!
 I really had to be creative to figure out a way to hang the clothes once they were out of the dryer (I do not iron). I found this shelf on one of my trips to IKEA. It folds down when not in use. It is perfect!
 When I redo the kitchen I will have new counter top put in and a new sink and faucet... but for now I am happy with this.
 I am on the search for a larger piece of furniture for this spot... but this works for now and I already had this table.
 Gotta add the little details =)
 Today I will add some tags to the baskets and the homemade soap.
 The powder room! I am soooo pleased with how this came out!

 The mudroom portion, just keeping it real with all the "stuff"! Ha!
 My table I purchased from Goodwill turned into a bench. The hubby will add 3 hooks and a shelf above this area today.

I finally won't mind when guests enter through the garage area now! What do you think? Oh you don't remember what it looked like before? Here is the post I did before we moved in.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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