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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas tags 2011 and some good deals

 For the past probably 10 years I have been in charge of the gift exchange for my moms side of the family. These are the tags I created for this year.
 Nice and simple =)
 While on a recent trip to Goodwill I spotted 3 of these cassette holders! Perfect for my craft cottage! I bought one a few years ago off Ebay.
 It was quite a bit more than these were! It is full of ink pads so another one will be great to have. And the other two? Maybe gifts for some special people.
 I picked these chairs up at a local favorite vintage shop for $15.00 each. Didn't love the colors, but they were in great shape.
 I needed some chairs to "stage" at the other house... so these were perfect.
 Some gorgeous chocolate brown spray paint, LOVE!
 It only took one coat with this spray paint to cover the blue and the green.

 I went back to Goodwill for one of these... I noticed them when I got the cassette ones but couldn't think what I would use them for, until I got home and realized my Stampin Up! punches would fit in them!
Another perfect find! I love a good deal don't you?

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