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Sunday, October 9, 2011

New light fixtures... Christmas...

I finally decided on a new light fixture for the laundry room. The room has an entrance from the garage that we use as a "mud room". The entrance from the garage has a chandelier, so I didn't feel the room needed a second one. My laundry room still is not done... I know, it has been a long project for such a small room! Haha!
While I was shopping for the laundry room light fixture, I came across these pendant lights I thought would be a quick, easy fix for in the kitchen.
The hubby was in doubt...
but once they were up, with very little difficulty, he had to agree they were perfect!
Here is a picture of the ugly red saucer that was there before, so glad those are gone!
I am currently making some decisions to have the cupboards altered and painted, all new counter tops, and probably a few new appliances too. It's so hard to make decisions sometimes =)
Have you noticed all the Christmas decor already out in the stores? Wow! I couldn't resist these gorgeous  large scale ornaments.
Creating this card for a shoebox swap I am participating in has put me in the Christmas spirit extra early this year =)
My bag is packed, my "shoebox" is loaded with kits, can't wait to meet 16 other ladies I've never met before and 1 very close friend to craft all day!

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