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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Small powder room and laundry room

From the kitchen lets head to the small powder room, laundry room and the entrance to the garage. You can see a glimpse of the powder room. The laundry area is to the left and the door to the right goes to the garage.

This is the laundry room. I am looking into purchasing a new front loading washer and dryer. I can go with either gas or electric, both hookups are present. I understand that both the electric company and the gas company will give a discount if you purchase the new front loading energy efficient appliances.
The closet in the laundry room, I haven't decided if this will be a pantry, or a place for all my china etc.
Great place to have a utility sink.
The powder room as a fun mural painted on the walls.
The little nest is glued onto the wall, soo fun!
A little catchall space near the garage door.
The chandelier for the laundry room.
Standing at the door to the garage looking down the 3 stairs.
Plenty of room for both the hubby and I to park in the garage! YAY!
A work space too, for my DIY projects =)
Looking back at the door to the house on the left and to the right is the door to the courtyard. Oh wanna peek?
See? You can almost see the hot tub! Yes it is staying and in perfect condition!
Back with more soon!

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