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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Upstairs to the loft/office areas...

 Lets head upstairs! From here you can see on the far right you can barely see the door to the guest bedroom, then looking left the door to the middle bedroom/dining, the door to the guest bath. One of the many things that appealed to us in this house was that our TV room would be upstairs. We will be warmer than in a basement, which is one of the reasons I don't really use our family room currently.
 Did you notice the faux padded paint wall under the stairs?
 the runner is kinda fun for now!
 We've reached the top of the stairs. The wood on the ceiling here is fun, we are not sure if the book cases will stay, we hope so! Ooh, see that little door back there? That opens to another storage area with wood shelves for more holiday decoration storage! It is the area over the garage so it is huge!
 We haven't decided if this will be my craft area, or Scott's office/our family room.

 A quick look over the edge at the living room below. 
 There is also a peekaboo view of the bay from this area.
 Lets head through the french doors.
 Again we are not sure how we will use these 2 spaces exactly, either my craft area or the family room/office area.

 A peek out the window at the garden area/chicken coop.

A look out the door from the windows in the office area. 
Lets head out side next.
Back in a bit!

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