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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The courtyard

 We are entering the courtyard from the back of the house, come on through the wood gate covered with grapevine and more wisteria.
 I will just let the pics talk... yes, that is a fireplace one of two on the property.
 The french doors into that dining room. The hot tub to the left of course haha! To the right under the tree is the second pond.

 The bushes on the other side of the table are more hydrangeas!
 I am really hoping that lion fountain stays.

 I think it would be fun to add one of these tables myself, such a sweet little place to have a romantic dinner with the hubby, maybe hang a chandelier from the roof here?

 Hoping the picture stays too, if not I think this would be a great spot for a mirror or an old window.

Lets head to the garden and chicken coop!

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